Stage 1: Phases 1 & 2 (All Levels) Meeting (9.13.2023) 

Stage 1: Phases 1 & 2 (All Levels) Pre-Bid and Outreach Presentation

Information for Bidders

Interested in Bidding?

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Project Description

Bid Packages. Due Date: November 3, 2023

BP-02.30C : Selective Demolition

BP-03.30C : Concrete

BP-04.30C : Masonry

BP-05.30C : Structural Steel/Misc. Metals

BP-06.30C : Architectural Woodwork

BP-07.30C : Thermal and Moisture Protection

BP-08.30C : Decorative Metal Panels

BP-08.60C : Doors Frames & Hardware

BP-09.30C : Drywall & Ceilings

BP-09.60C : Carpet

BP-09.90C : Painting

BP-10.30C : Signage

BP-12.30C : Window Coverings

BP-12.60C : Moss Walls and Planters

BP-21.30C : Fire Sprinkler

BP-22.30C : Plumbing

BP-23.30C : HVAC

BP-26.30C : Electrical and Low Voltage

Site Layout

Plan Room

Physical Plans are located at City Blueprint & Supply

Digital Plans Available:  Virtual Plan Room 

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